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Acai Berry

The acai berry is the berry of the acai palm that is native to tropical Central and South America from Belize south to Brazil and Peru. The acia berry is a small, grape like, berry that is deep purple in color. The acia berry is well know for its nutrients packed properties and is named one of the world's healthiest fruits, healthier than blueberry.


Acia berry
What is the acia berry like?

The acai berry is small, round berry, almost black in color. The diameter of an acia berry is about 1 inch long. In one branch of the acai tree, there are lots of berries.

Does the acia berry have seeds?

Each acia berry has a large seed in the middle of the berry, not small seeds like grapes have. The acia berry seed has a diameter of about half an inch at most but could be much smaller.

Do people eat the acia berry a lot?

In countries where the acia berry is very common, people eat it a lot. In Brazil, for example, there are a lot of the acia berry around so the acia berry makes up of a large part of the population's diet, keeping Brazilians healthy. In countries where the acia berry grows, eating acai is very cost effective. In the US, however, the acia berry is expensive because it has to be imported and because the acia berry spoils very easily, it is hard to package it and ship to the US therefore all acia berry products in the US and other non-native countries are expensive.

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