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What is Beta Sitosterol?

Acai berry has a large amount of beta sitosterol, but what is beta sitosterol? We will discuss what beta sitosterol is, benefits of beta sitosterol as well as the foods that contain beta sitosterol.

Explanation of what beta sitostrol is

What is Beta Sitosterol


Beta sitosterol or β-sitosterol is one of a few phytosterols or plant sterols whose chemical structures are similar to that of cholesterol. The chemical structure or diagram of the beta sitosterol is shown above.

Foods that contain beta sitosterol 

Among foods that contain beta sitosterol are:

  • acai berry
  • Serenoa repens (saw palmetto),
  • Curcurbita pepo (pumpkin seed),
  • Pygeum africanum,
  • rice bran,
  • wheat germ,
  • corn oils,
  • soybeans, and
  • wolfberries.
Benefits of beta sitosterol

Beta sitosterol is often combined with other similar phytosterols or plant sterols in food or drinks for maximum benefits. Among many benefits of beta sitosterols is the infamous lowering of cholesterol. Beta sitosterol may also treat hypercholesterolemia as well as treating mail hair loss.

There are also possible links of the benefits of beta sitosterol to herbal therapy of benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH. In Europe, beta sitosterol is used in medicine for benign prostatic hypertrophy. 

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