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Vault Zero & Lose Weight

Many people are asking if the new drink Vault Zero helps with weight loss. Some claim that if you drink Vault Zero, you will lose weight. Let's examine if drinking Vault Zero helps you lose weight below. Below is a picture of Vault Zero (left hand side) and regular Vault drink (right hand side). Vault is a soda drink made by the Coca Cola Company. The drink is light yellowy green in color.

Vault Zero Lose Weight

Picture of a can of Vault Zero and a can of Regular Vault

Vault nutritional values

Picture of nutritional label of Vault Zero and Vault regular

While each can of Vault Zero has 5 calories, 0 fat, 0 carb and 0 sugar, Vault regular has 180 calories, 47g carb, and 47g sugar. Compared to Vault Zero, Vault regular will make you put on weight within 5-6 cans of drinking it. Vault Zero is a low fat, low calorie, low carb and low sugar drink which most diet programs recommend that people trying to lose weight should drink liquids that have similar nutritional content as Vault Zero.

While there are claims that Vault Zero helps you lose weight, there is no proof that Vault Zero actually helps with weight loss. However, if you need to drink something to give you some energy while staying on your weight loss diet, Vault Zero is a good drink to drink because it is low in everything that would make you gain weight. However, do not buy the wrong Vault. If you buy Vault Regular instead of Vault Zero, you will put on weight before you know it.

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