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Lose Weight With Chocolate

Can you lose weight with chocolate? Of course, with proper diet, you can even lose weight while eating chocolate. There are also chocolate products that claim to help you lose weight. However, most of these chocolate that can help you lose weight are not really chocolate as you know it. They are more like Xocolatl, a natural form of chocolate found in nature that are supposed to be very healthy for you. Xocolatl is the root of the healthy chocolate that some people refer to.

How to lose weight with chocolate?


Lose Weight With Chocolate

There are two ways to lose weight with chocolate. First, you can use chocolate based products to lose weight. Most weight loss companies such as Herbalife have product lines that are chocolate based. However, these products such as the chocolate Shake meal replacement are not really chocolate. However, if you are craving chocolate taste, these shakes and weight loss chocolate bars can be great substitutes.

The better way to lose weight with chocolate

While drinking chocolate flavored diet food can be a great way to lose weight with chocolate, you can also eat real chocolate and still lose weight. Dark chocolate is supposed to be a natural appetite suppresant so in a way eating dark chocolate will help you lose weight. Therefore, the best way to lose weight and still eat chocolate is to eat the healthy dark chocolate and pick a weight loss program that you can stay on. The dark chocolate will supplement your weight loss efforts while you let the real weight loss program work on you.

For example, if you have decided to be on the acai weight loss program, you can be on that program and still eat your healthy dark chocolate every day and still lose weight. Just make sure that you are eating dark chocolate that are healthy for you. If your dark chocolate has the acai berry extract in it, then the better for you. In either case, you must read the nutrition label on the chocolate bar before you buy it. Make sure that your healthy chocolate does not contain much fat or saturated fat. Then you have to make sure that you are not overeating the dark chocolate because no matter how healthy the dark chocolate is, if you eat too much of it, it will make you gain weight.

Some people have found results of eating dark chocolate to satisfy their sweet tooth and then immediately follow up with acai berry juice such as MonaVie juice to get rid of any free radicals that may result from eating the chocolate. If you want to buy either healthy chocolate or MonaVie acai berry juice, fill out a form to find a distributor.

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