Acai Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Range Chart

Below is a healthy weight range chart you can use as a guide to see if you are overweight, of healthy weight or obese. In this healthy weight range chart, healthy weight has BMI (Body Mass Index) of 18.5, overweight corresponds to BMI of 25 while Obese corresponds to the BMI of 30.

Healthy Weight Range Chart

This healthy weight range chart is only a guide. People are made differently and you are not necessarily over weight if your weight falls in the yellow area. However, if your weight falls in the yellow area or the red area, you should think about exercising or trying to lose weight.

Healthy weight range and the Acai berry

Since the Acai berry is called the world's number one superfood, eating a lot of the acai berry regularly will make you healthy. Regular dosage of the nutrients in the acai berry will push your weight and height combination into the green area from overweight and obese.

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