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Fiberbond Herbalife

Fiberbond is another great Herbalife weight loss product that is not sold in every country. In Asia, for example, you can buy Fiberbond tablets from Herbalife independent distributors. However, in the US, you cannot find fiberbond tablets but you can get a similar product called Activated Fiber also by Herbalife. Below is a picture of Herbalife fiberbond and the label of Activated Fiber, a comparative Herbalife product for comparison.


Fiberbond Herbalife

Activated fiber nutrition label

Differences between Herbalife Fiberbond and Herbalife Activated Fiber

First of all the ingredients of Herbalife Fiberbond and Herbalife Activated Fiber tablets are a little different. Secondly, Herbalife 's instruction says that you should take three Fiberbond tablets three times a day with meals and one to two glasses of water. In contract, Herbalife 's instruction for taking Activated Fiber tablets is take one tablet up to six times a day with food.

Results of Fiberbond tablets vs Activated Fiber tablets

Although fiber tablets are very difficult to measure the results of how effective they are, base on our interviews of users of both Fiberbond tablets and Activated fiber tablets, people say that Fiberbond tablets are much more effective for weight loss whereas users of Activated Fiber tablets said that they could not feel or see the results. Many guess that the tablets 'must' have helped but could not be sure.

For questions about Fiberbond tablets or how to buy Herbalife Fiberbond tablets or Activated Fiber tablets, contact us with your location.

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