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Can I Lose Some Weight Only Drinking Herbalife Shake?

If you just want to know if you can lose weight only drinking Herbalife shake as opposed to taking other Herbalife products, the answer is absolutely! We have interviewed many people on different Herbalife weight loss programs. Some people lose quite a bit of weight drinking only Herbalife shake, others lose some weight drinking Herbalife shake, taking Herbalife pills and many other Herbalife products. However, the main Herbalife product that will help you lose some weight is the Herbalife shake. So, if you keep on drinking the Herbalife shake instead of 1-2 meals a day, you will lose some weight.

Do I need to take other Herbalife products to lose weight?

While some other Herbalife products will help you lose weight or maintain your weight, if Herbalife shake is all you have, it's better than nothing. Ideally, you should take a few Herbalife products but NOT ALL Herbalife weight loss products that Herbalife recommend. There are plenty of Herbalife products that people who use them say that they cannot tell if those products help or not. However, there are also Herbalife weight loss products that most people say are essential to them losing weight.

Which Herbalife Weight loss shake is the best?

The best Herbalife weight loss shake is the one that gives you the best result in the least amount of time. Again, according to our interviews, different people respond to different Herbalife shake products. Some people like the ShapeWork shake, others like to just drink Formula 1 Herbalife shake without the personalized protein added. However, people who have tried the new Herbalife Instant Healthy Meal say that this new product is the best Herbalife weight loss shake.


Can I lose some weight only drinking herbalife shake?

This new Herbalife shake already contains enough calcium for a meal as well as personalized protein and antioxidant for a whole meal. That means you don't have to add milk or anything else that may slow down your weight loss efforts. If you are already drinking Formula 1 Herbalife weight loss shake, you may want to try this new Herbalife shake. Although this new Herbalife shake is full of much more nutrients and are good for you, some people prefer the taste of the old Formula 1 Herbalife shake.

So you need to decide what you want to drink because if you are not drinking something that you semi enjoy, you won't be able to stay on the Herbalife shake diet program. However, if you are wondering if eating just Herbalife shake is enough for your body to stay healthy, that is a different story and that's where eating acai supplements can come in handy. If you want to buy Herbalife shake, you can find an Herbalife distributor.

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